Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fitness Testing 2008

(New York Four, Jenna Flateman, Alison Price, Tyshawn Henry, & Daniela Mogro)

Fitness training is ongoing and a significant part of this journey. However, fitness testing 2008 is complete. While the masses in the New York Metro area made their way through rush hour to work, four of us, Jenna Flateman, Daniela Mogro, Alison Price and myself, made our way to Bronxville High School for 8:00am fitness testing. Woohoo!!! Assistant WNT 7's coaches Drew Fautley and Chris Ryan facilitated. New York teammate and recent birthday celebrant, Annie Collier came out to time and lend support. Thanks AC. Thanks to all teammates who sent texts and good luck vibes. Special thanks to Bronxville High School for hosting us!

Today's Special Testing Menu



pull ups

push ups in 1 minute

bleep test

Personally, my goal was to improve upon my times and numbers from Little Rock. I'm happy to report that end was achieved. (Chris I should listen to you more often. I'm glad I ran the 40 again.) Contrary to last month, I felt better physically, and more confident. During the 100's I was especially relaxed. Maybe next time I'll get a 10. But for now the official chapter on testing 2008 is closed. Next time up- January 2009!

(Jenna and Daniela)

Alison, Annie, Daniela, & Jenna in between tests

Monday, October 27, 2008

November Madness: Final Four

New York Rugby Club @ Sweet 16's (courtesy of Frank the Tank)

On the home front, I'm going to Disney World! Well not really. However, my club, NYRC won both matches in St. Louis defeating, Glendale and NOVA respectively. In less than 2 weeks time, we'll head to the Orlando area for the Final Four.

From USA Rugby

Senior Women’s Club Championships Match-ups
November 7-9, Sanford, Fla.

Championship Semis
Berkeley All Blues vs. Minnesota Valkyries
New York vs. Beantown

Plate Semis
Twin Cities Amazons vs. Keystone
NOVA vs. Washington Furies

Bahamas Recap- World Cup Qualifier

The USA qualifies for the World Cup in Dubai, earning the 2nd seed for the North American- West Indies Region. See for more information.

Final, USA 14 - Canada 19, sudden death over time
Semi-final, USA 59 - Guyana 0
Quater-final, USA 67 - Cayman Islands 0
USA 52 - Trinidad 0
USA 45 - Guyana 0
USA 45 - Bermuda 0

Friday, October 24, 2008

Henry goes to St. Louis

(Henry waits by the door)

Do you know what time it is? Well, it's time to head to STL. That's St. Louis for those of you not up on your airport codes, the city with the Arch.
The little black bag, I've been flying with experienced a malfunction of sorts on my way to Bronxville Camp last month, so I've switched to "Henry," an older, smaller yet reliable kit bag. Minus earplugs, I have everything. I'm impressed that I was able to fit everything, kit and non rugby gear into Henry. A famous and way more popular President once said, "the older you get the bigger your kit bag gets." Henry's smaller than my last bag, but will get the job done.

BTW, Can you name that President?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drew Fautley, Assistant WNT 7's coach has been providing text updates to the blog from Miami. He will continue to do so as the team heads to the Bahamas. Thanks Drew! Follow the team on twitter or check back here for scores.

I trust and hope everyone in Miami is healthy. Tomorrow I expect to officially be "released" from the USA squad as a non traveling reserve. This will make me available to play for
my club in Sweet 16's this weekend in St. Louis. Between the NAWIRA World Cup Qualifier and Sweet 16's, it's going to be a busy rugby weekend for American women.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just back from a running work out. I've felt pretty good the last two days. The fact that my feet were pain free was especially helpful. Since the summer, I've been experiencing different types of pain, in not one but both feet. Unlike the time, I got frostbitten toes from playing rugby in the snow in Iowa, this pain has not subsided. At times, it's been painful to walk. So I finally went to a podiatrist. One diagnosis, Achilles tendonitis is the one the plagues me the most, at times wreaking havoc with my ability to have quality running workouts. For now orthodics and stretching are key to taking care of my feet.

Foot issues aside, being 100% present during my workouts over the last two days has improved the overall quality. With two major work events last weekend now over, I was not thinking about projects or what I had to do. Instead I was focused solely on running: is my form right? how's my turn over frequency? how's my foot striking the ground?

Part of my feedback after the Arkansas camp was to improve the intensity of my workouts. I believe taking care of my feet and being present will definitely help me achieve that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Update: Adventures of the Pink Cape

The Pink Cape has left the borough of Kings for the Island of Manhattan, currently residing with one Super Carrie.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Long live the blog

I started this blog with the hopes of having input from players in the pool. While that hasn't happened now there is an "official" site with a blog component. Check out

Another reason I started this was to challenge myself to finish what I start. My goal is to see this blog through this process, to see it through March 2009 regardless of selections. So with that I will continue blogging here as well as posting to the official team site from time to time.

Long live the blog!

Good night


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Balancing Act

I'm just back from a running work out. Much of today has been spent working from home: cutting, sewing, ironing, trading emails, photographing new products, and there's still more to do. I have an hour or so at home, then I'm off again to run an errand before I head to practice. Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time. So yesterday when I was told I'd have to reschedule an appointment I opted not to reschedule and canceled my remaining appointments instead. This was a huge relief because now I'd have almost three extra hours per day. Between travel, workouts, and practice, I spend roughly a minimum of 21 hours a week on rugby. This doesn't include the weekends. Basically this is a part time job. I want to do this! But sometimes I wonder if I can balance it all?

Friday, October 10, 2008

The $25 challenge: Day Seven

Wednesday, Day 7: To my shock and horror, I lost some time on a newly "discovered" website that I forgot to eat breakfast. I finally had my first meal of the day early afternoon, ate again, snack here, meal there. Fast forward and my $25 challenge is over.

Over the last week, I learned or was reminded that:
  • Eating on $25 a week is possible, but I like food too much to make this a regular habit.
  • Like training, eating to win takes commitment. With a challenging schedule, I need to do a better job fueling my body by eating at regular intervals.
The challenge is over. That's a good thing especially since I'm hosting some ruggers this weekend. With $4.61 left over from the challenge and an unlimited food budget, I made a stop at the new Trader Joe's in town. At least when on the budget, I paid closer attention to the prices. Today, I spent $7 plus on organic orange juice. That would have been nearly 30% of my challenge budget. Regular pulp free OJ suits me fine. In contrast to last week, I felt as though I was splurging to buy nuts, multiple dairy products, and chocolate almond milk.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

$25 Challenge Days 1-6

To my two loyal readers: I apologize for the delay in publishing the much anticipated news about my $25 for a week food challenge.

Thursday, Day 1: Part of my first day was spent buying food. As I passed by my favorite spot for a black and white, it donned on me that I couldn't spend
frivolously. A buck seventy for a cookie was not in the cards. So four stores and $20.39 later I purchased
apples, grapes, chicken, rice, box of ziti, zucchini, cherry and plum tomatoes, carrots, romaine, flat bread, Prince Polo chocolate hazelnut confection (a little frivolity which I may regret), and yogurt. Now, I'm left with $4.61 to get through next Wednesday. For my first day, I ate pretty well, grilled salmon salad.

Friday, Day 2: Travel day to Boston. Packed my lunch. In an effort to have protein, I created an
awful tofu concoction hopefully never to be replicated again.

Saturday, Day 3: Breakfast at Diner on Y. Following a trip to Shaw's Y bought me a sandwich even though I told her I had food. Lunch with Violet and her boys. I had yummy Korean food at Violet's who shared some Korean recipes as well helpful suggestions for using tofu. Think Miso soup:Easy and tasty.

Sunday Day 4: Breakfast at Violet's. Packed sandwich and snacks for car ride back from Providence. Don't remember what I ate for dinner. Maybe yogurt or was it my leftover tofu concoction?

Monday, Day 5: Did I eat this day? I actually had food, I just didn't make time to prepare anything remotely well balanced. I finished the 2nd prince polo bar at some point. I remember eating peanut butter with honey on flatbread. Fast and easy.

Tuesday, Day 6: Finally cooked a meal, using some of the ingredients I bought last week. I had chicken and rice before sprints. Eating right before practice even if you're short on time is not recommended. Had a crisp gala apple and a zone bar after practice.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Continued: Adventures of the Pink Cape

This little Pink Cape has traveled through half of America recently, possibly covering more territory than the candidates. It's been to places they surely have not visited. For example, it's been in Bay Ridge and Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, Randall's Island, Pier 40. Can't say I've seen Obama or McCain there. It's had a stint at LaGuardia Airport, resided in Room 420 somewhere in Little Rock, made it to the Little Rock Rugby Complex, and now it's back in NYC. Go Pink Cape!

9/21 On fence @ the Brooklyn Flea
The day after I originally forgot the cape, I was selling my wares and brought it along for fun.

9/26, @ LaGuardia Airport on the way to Little Rock

9/27, @ Little Rock Rugby Complex

10/2 Cape was @ Pier 40, in possession of the intended recipient.
Biden and Palin preempted GA. Since the debate was on she came to practice and was gracious enough to pose for the camera twice. Thanks Hobs.

Updated: 10/5 in Providence, RI. Modeled by former and current recipients of the Pink Cape. (Buss & Hobs)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The $25 Challenge

Two nights ago I dreamed about eating escargot, which I had for the first time on Monday. My dream was inspired by a divine meal of luscious scallops and risotto with mushroom that cost $24. That's pretty good for eating out in the city. As I was web surfing last night, I came across the $25 Challenge. This initiative grew out of the Illinois Food Bank Association's participation in Hunger Action Month as a means to "highlight the struggle that families in Illinois face in accessing nutritious food." Eight of the organization's director's attempted to live off of $25 for a week, from September 22-28. Although this has passed, I'd like to see if I can do this. I think I can. The tricky part is that I'll be traveling for NRUs this weekend. And I usually eat out. Hmm. I still think I can do this. Food is important for training and all the more when doing two a day workouts. The cherry juice and greek yogurt will likely have to go this week. There's definitely no room for escargot. Jules likes to say "Eat to Win." So here's go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Miami/ Bahamas team announced

Little Rock Camp has come and gone and selections for Miami & The Bahamas have been announced. This is the qualifying tournament for the World Cup, with the US, Canada, and West Indian Teams vying for 2 spots.

Kirsten Ahrendt Keystone
Ida Bernstein Keystone
Ellie Karvoski
Little Rock
Phaidra Knight
New York
Pam Kosanke
Chicago North Shore
Teena Mastrangelo
Chicago North Shore
Christy Ringgenberg
Captain, Minnesota Valkyries
Ines Rodriguez Keystone
Jen Sinkler
Lindsey Stephenson At-Large
Jess Watkins Stanford University
Kelly White
Belmont Shore

Non Traveling Reserves:
Tyshawn Henry
New York

Melissa McKibben Kansas City