Monday, September 29, 2008

Appropriate travel shoes???

Well, I'm back from Little Rock. Got home
after 2:00am.
In reference to the previous post, I didn't have grits,
nor did I make it to Waffle House. Although,
I did see one.
As promised, here is a photo of the shoes,
I wore for air travel to LIT. It was raining
when I left on Friday. Actually, it was raining
early this morning, when I landed.
My bright yellow boots always seem to
draw attention. Would you deem
these "appropriate" shoes for air travel?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Little Rock Time

Made it to Little Rock. My flights were rather unventful. I did however come away with some words of wisdom courtesy of two fellow passengers.

1. One should wear appropriate shoes for air travel (will post a photo of my "appropriate" shoes of choice later.
2. One should eat grits while in Little Rock. The Waffle House comes highly recommended. Apparently, the bacon is really crisp at WH.
3. One should learn to talk slowly while in Little Rock.

Time for fitness testing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Adventures of the Pink Cape

Technically the cape has nothing to do with Sevens. I was supposed to bring the cape to last Saturday's match. Forgot and kept on forgetting. So it made it's way to Pier 40 last night and the intended recipient was MIA (maybe she was watching the season premiere of GA) but that's pure speculation? So now it's back in my possession. I should leave it at home, but why not take it on a trip? Visit a an airport or two on the way to LIT. And so begins the adventures of the little pink cape. And we're off like a prom dress!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ladies in Red

Here we are at the first camp in Westchester. We have coaches, one manager, and players.

Will blog to no one soon

Well I've been swamped with life, work, some works out too. Just a bit too overloaded to post. But since no one reads this no one is really missing out.
It's already Little Rock time. The Westchester camp does feel like quite some time ago. I've been pulling out my rugby essentials today. Most of it is laid out on my bed. Should pull out my earplugs. I've forgotten them the last few trips. They're always a good thing to have for the crying baby on the plane, the loud i-pod blasting man next to you on the train, or the occasional snoring roommate:)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first few days of training are underway. Tuesday was my first day lifting after a few weeks away. It felt great to be back in the weight room. I was finding my rhythm and feeling strong. After two consecutive days of lifting coupled with running, my body woke up feeling sore and in need of recovery. I'm rearranging my schedule and heading to the pool this morning.

The list of 20, plus not traveling reserves has been published. Today marks our first assembly. We'll train together in Westchester. Having been around for a bit, I know many of the players. But I'll meet some new ones (new to the senior pool) like my roommate, Kirsten A. Rounding out the room is SBJ( Ho Pung Yao), my bud from this year's 3 previous tours, and Melissa M. Also, I look forward to meeting Sadie from Penn State. Former New York U-19 player, Arnold Chavis, met her during his first week of school. He connected us by phone once he found out we were both going to be at the camp.

Signing off- to the pool and the library.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Another cycle on the Sevens World Cup Road starts today. Following the recent National All Star Championships in Pittsburgh, a potential list of 20 US players was named. Mid morning, last monday, I received a call from my coach letting me know that I made the list.

Between now and March 2009, this list will be whittled down to 12. Several more lists will be made, the first of which is the World Cup qualifier list, those atheletes who will represent the USA in the Bahamas in Ocotber.

Today is Labor Day, a holiday that celebrates the working people of the country. While the work I refer to is different, I find it only fitting that the new fitness program, the qualifier workout, starts today.